Hi, my name is Mariana Vieira. I am Brazilian illustrator and co-founder of the Black Fox Studio, where we develop work in the field of Concept Art & Illustration and we also minister workshops and short courses in the area.                             

I am currently working for Applibot, in the card games Legend of Cryptids. Also, I'm working for FFG, in the card games  Lord of the Ring LCG and A Game of Thrones LCG.  

My work has been exhibited in Ballistic Publishing EXPOSÉ 10, EXOTIQUE 7, Photoshop Creative, Ilustrar Magazine, among others.
I participated in projects like the comic book series "Diseases makes History " published by IBqM UFRJ, the creation of illustrations for the booktrailer " Crade of Scar - van Steward " to promote the book " The Unremembered", published by the Tor Books, among others. I'm currently working on illustrated magazines about the the black death and another of the great navigations and I worked on the game "The Light of the Darkness" which will be released soon.

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Traditional Painting at School of Fine Arts of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ - with the final project "Hybrid Process in the production of portrait of fantastic creatures". I concluded my specialization in Art Therapy in Education and Health, by UCAM, in early 2010 with a thesis title: "Changes in the aesthetic art of early twentieth century in Brazil and their ramifications in the applied arts."